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Senate President Franklin Drilon said the Senate "is not in the mood to discuss charter change." He said it was not the proper time to debate on the proposal because the public’s attention is focused on the "Hello Garci" recordings and the impeachment complaint against Arroyo. "And besides, our political situation today is not normal," he said. Drilon said the Senate would pursue its legislative agenda which was formulated shortly after the first regular session of the 13th Congress convened last year. The legislative agenda covers a three-year period and is focused on formulating measures that would lead to macro-economic stability. Majority senators held a closed-door caucus at Drilon’s office yesterday and discussed the direction the Senate would take in the second regular session. "You can say that it (charter change) is not part of the legislative agenda. We did not discuss it in the majority caucus. For that matter we did not discuss any new legislative agenda. The agenda that we agreed upon last year that enumerates the laws that we want to enact on a short term, medium term and long term would still stand. In other words, we set a legislative agenda at the start of this 13th Congress," Drilon said. Senate president pro tempore Juan Flavier and majority leader Francis Pangilinan confirmed that there were no serious discussions on the charter change during the majority caucus. "More or less in general principles, without substantive discussion, we touched on the options between constitutional assembly and constitutional convention and the overwhelming consensus is towards con-con. But there were no real discussions on the issue," Flavier said. Pangilinan said most senators are not keen on amending the Constitution. He said they would rather find solutions to the current political crisis and wait for the impeachment process. "If we

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