Lollards in Lutheran Reformation

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Ladies and gentlemen, today I am going to speak to you to unveil the corruption and unholiness of your beloved Roman Catholic Church but also why this should make you follow the ways of the renowned martyr John Wyclif and his lollard teachings. As a religion we derive from the mid to late 1300's (1382) when John Wyclif asserted his ideas on the Catholic Church to the very foundations, his initial argument was that the Bible was the only sure basis of belief and that it should be translated into the vernacular, he denied that the ridiculous traditions of the church were as important as scripture. He therefore rejected transubstantiation, advocacy of clerical marriage and denunciations of the wealth and power of the clergy. To us Lollards those arguments are correct, justified and fair. It is true that we should doubt this miraculous transubstantiation as each time this miraculous event happens it is done by a corrupt and unholy priest behind a screen. As regular church goers you should have the right to see what your church is about but if Catholicism can't even promise that then how on earth can you truly believe in the church? The wine into blood and the eucharistic bread into the body of Christ should be before your very eyes, if not then one assumes the church to be a sham and a fake. This is very similar to the current sate of the church, priests gambling, buying into prostitution, creating nepotism, absenteeism and pluralism. This is hardly the personal and morally correct spiritual values that the church prides itself on? As lollards we follow the ways of Luther and his lutheranism which should be made into the religion of England, Protestantism. Part of our martyr Wyclif's beliefs were predestination. We still believe in this today, it means that only preselected people can enjoy the luxury and salvation of heaven when they die. Catholicism up to this
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