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Analysis of a Short Story Imagine yourself hundreds of feet above the busy streets of New York. The only thing keeping you from an almost certain death is a foot wide slab of concrete. In “Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket” by Jack Finney, this horror is a reality for the unlucky Tom Benecke, yet, he chose this fate unto himself, and has to deal with the varying consequences of his actions. I will be explaining how the elements that hold throughout the story, which are irony, cause and effect, and suspense, aide in understanding how Tom ends up on the ledge. The irony of Tom’s situation becomes rather apparent soon after he finds himself on the ledge. Earlier, he states that, “The mental picture of himself sidling along the ledge outside was absurd – it was actually comical – and he smiled”. He fully understood how “absurd” it would be if he would attempt to retrieve his lost note. Yet, he finds himself out there later on, and, as he had judged, it was a terrible idea. Tom’s mind was clogged by his hopes of impressing his boss, so his subconscious was overruled by his greediness, and so he finds himself upon the ledge. Tom did not just decide to go onto the ledge out of nowhere, several fateful events ended up leading to him to the main effect. First of all, if he had decided to go and watch the movie with his wife, rather than lie to her about his work, (which he knew he didn’t need to do anyway) the breeze that resulted in the paper “dropping to the window ledge and sliding out of sight” would have probably not entered the room. Later, Tom thinks if he had taken more precautions about protecting his precious paper, he would have never lost it. And if Tom were never so concerned about impressing his superiors, he would have never taken the notes about rival stores in the first place. So, again, his

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