Logoplaste Challenges Essay

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Logoplaste’s challenge By 2010,as the company Logoplaste had stabled new plant contracts to support its growth trajectory,Filipe de Botton and Alexandre Relvas got a new questions about further growth to make sure that the company will be successful. Later on, for some years,company had been forcing to enlarge Logoplaste by its clients. And with no doubts, as enlarging the company,Logoplaste needed to be treated as another large companies, which led to face different challenges, By being a small company ,which is supplier, it did not have any challenges at all. The problem was to respond new demands of customers, as far it was not gained he scale yet. Moreover, it was very difficult for managers to keep up with. Logoplaste’s managers needed to spend lot of time at training for the very high level, which P&G wanted. It turned out that managers felt not happy and felt that they did not have enough time and resources ti satisfy the customers. However, Logoplaste was suggested to put much more effort on focusing and targeting local companies and firms in its current market. So they believed that local market would not have need in as much services and complexity as contrary markets. Also they believed that the local markets would give to company much higher margins and other benefits. But by being small company, Logoplaste for faraway locations needed a huge number of senior managers to control new firms at new markets. Unfortunately Logoplaste did not have enough senior managers to enter new markets. And as well, it was very difficult from financial perspective due to financial crisis, when banks were not giving out loans and funds for every single company. Later on, Graham wanted integrate with Logoplaste to become top three players in the industry. About six times larger in revenue and with eighty arranged plants, Graham could push Logoplaste to the new

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