Logistix, Inc. Risk Assessment Report

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LOGISTIX, Inc. Risk Assessment Report SE578 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Risk Assessment Scope 3 Threats, vulnerabilities, and risks 3 Safeguards and controls 6 Risk management matrix 9 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction Logistix, Inc. is a distribution company that manages thousands of accounts across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. A public company traded on the NYSE, Logistix specializes in supply chain management and in coordinating the warehousing, staging, distribution, transportation, and wholesaler/VAR relationship for their customers. Logistix, Inc. employs over 3,200 employees and has been experiencing consistent growth keeping pace with S&P averages (approximately 8%) for nearly six years. A well‐honed management strategy built on scaling operational performance through automation and technological innovation has propelled the company into the big leagues; Logistix was only recently profiled in Fortune Magazine Risk Assessment Scope The purpose of this risk assessment is to identify vulnerabilities within the integrity of operational and technical Security. Being

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