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1C. The Japanese automakers are known for using interchangeable parts for different cars. An interesting logistics benefits is that fewer parts must be managed, overall safety stock can be decreased and less warehouse space is required. On the manufacturing side, longer production runs are possible and economies of scale are achieved. In a slightly different approach, imagine you are the logistics representative for a cross-functional team evaluating development of a new retail product. The finance person is concerned about development costs and profitability prospects, the new product engineer envisions a series of “add-on features in subsequent designs, and marketing has an exciting ad campaign that includes a retail package shaped like a pyramid. What points do you wish to stress to the team (5 points)? Explain the importance and implications of the points presented (5 points) 1D. Food Safety is recurring concern as recent food poisoning has demonstrated. Food, just like any other inventory components in the supply chain, requires effective logistics and supply chain management process. Using Logistics/supply chain thinking, explain how food safety can be improved (5 points). SCENARIO-BASED QUESTIONS Answer all of the questions that appear below. Points allotted for each question are indicated. Partial credit will be given. Ensure that your answers are as specific as possible regarding implementation and application of concepts. I encourage the use of bullet-point format to answer questions. Question 2 is based on the following scenario: You have just been hired as an Assistant Manager of Green and White Food (GWF), restaurant/bar supply business that provides a full range of wholesale products to eating and

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