Logistics and Operations Management Essay

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Logistics and operations Management LOM-5 Assignment 1 Teacher: Mr. D. Verhoeff Class: 3F Date: September 12, 2012 Discussion Questions: 2. Consider Amazon.com, whose Web site enjoys millions of “hits” each day and puts customers in touch with millions of services and products. What are Amazon.com’s competitive priorities and what should its operations strategy focus on? Competitive priorities are critical operational dimensions a process or supply chain must possess in order to satisfy internal or external customers. Amazon.com is an online retailer but also an intermediary between a supplier and customer. They offer a broad range of products and services at competitive prices. Amazon.com’s competitive priorities are low-cost operations, delivery speed, on-time delivery, customization and variety. These competitive priorities will continue to keep Amazon.com successful. Amazon.com basically have products that should be delivered in a short period of time and they need low cost operations in order to remain competitive. Amazon.com’s operation strategy should focus on stock availability and cheap yet fast and reliable delivery. 4. FedEx built its business on quick, dependable delivery of items being shipped by air from one business to another. Its early advantages included global tracking of shipments using Web technology. The advancement of Internet technology enabled competitors to become much more sophisticated in order tracking. In addition, the advent of Web-based businesses put pressure on increased ground transportation deliveries. Explain how this change in the environment has affected FedEx’s operations strategy, especially relative to UPS, which has a strong hold on the business-to-consumer ground delivery business. FedEx first came to success because of its quick, dependable delivery
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