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An Analysis of Logistical Alternatives for Centralia No. 5 Dr. Timothy Smith PAD 500 28 October 2012 An Analysis of Logistical Alternatives for Centralia No. 5 As the end of the shift approaches for the miners in Centralia Coal Co’s Mine No. 5, coal dust exploded deep inside killing 111 men. This explosion forced public officials on the state and federal levels to revise how protocols are implemented. During World War II, this mine provided coal to the war effort and was a sense of job security for most males. Aware of the dangers of working 540 feet below ground, the miners still took the risk to provide for their families. Employment options were limited and working in the coal mine was an end to a mean. There are still controversies as to the cause of the blast, but one mine inspector Driscoll Scanlan became the informant, telling of repeated violations about No. 5. He inspected the mine several times before the explosion making a report of each inspection and sending them to the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals, but they were ignored. Failure to take action by the department resulted in the loss of 111 men. Most of them were killed by fire flashing through tunnels. Others were killed by the inhalation of poison gas-methane. This paper will identify and explain four logistical alternatives Scanlan could have addressed in prevention of the blast, analyze and discuss Scanlan’s motivation toward the Constitution, bureaucracy as a public administrator, and obligation, and describe the author’s position on two possible paths of action for Scanlan. Scanlan could have addressed many alternatives to prevention this explosion. After the first cleanup, Scanlan should have noted that the greatest methane danger is when the mine is inactive for a period of time. According to (Hartley & Kenney, 2006), after a long interruption of work, or in a

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