Logistics Essay

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INTRODUCTION Every class we have had and every paper we have read has shown us that logistic activity involves delivering products and services where they are required at the exact time needed. In order to achieve this, logistics require the correct and precise administration of order processing, inventory, transportation, but also the consolidation of warehousing, materials handling and packaging, all these activities through an integrated network of facilities. We can see in our daily life that it is very difficult to imaging accomplishing a whole variety of operations such as, manufacturing or international commerce without logistics. In an effort to go deeply into the logistics wide and complex world we are willing to investigate an specific area of it, which we believe is the main goal of today’s logistical operations: Lean Logistics. Having a Lean system, without waste, allows us to give better and quicker response to the demand, and makes enterprises improve in many if not all activities. Writing this report represents not only giving definitions, and researching the most possible information that can be extracted from different reliable sources, it is more than that. It is interpreting data, analyzing information, and demonstrating how effective this logistical approach can be inside a company. DISCUSSION Companies are always pushing themselves to improve in order to obtain an advantage over their competitors. They frequently feel the need to reduce costs, time and inventory. One way that has been proven to make an organization improve notoriously is a supply chain process, better known as Lean Logistics. This process involves all departments in a company. It is based in eliminating waste in order to reduce costs, lead times and improve product quality. As we can image it is a philosophy that can be applied to any company, regardless if it is

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