Logistics Essay

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Individual Assignment One paper (recommended length 12-17 pages exclusive of appended material) will analyze the ethical, social and environmental standards and practices of a specific firm; it is to be completed individually and submitted by the end of week seven (due 11:00 p.m. CST on Sunday of that week). There are no restrictions on the organization chosen (use of a student's employer organization is permitted but not required). The following questions should be used, as relevant, to guide this assessment: • Are ethics, social responsibility and environmental sustainability ingrained in the organization’s mission and governance structure? • Does the organization adhere to a code of ethical, social and/or environmental conduct (its own or an industry code)? • Does the organization’s culture appear to be grounded in a utilitarian, teleological, deontological, or virtue-based philosophy of ethics? • Does the organization appear to perform at the “economic viability and profitability,” “legal,” “ethical,” or “discretionary” level of the corporate social responsibility model? • To what extent, how, and how effectively does the culture communicate and reinforce a commitment to the ten “old cultural values” identified by Fr. Byron at all levels of the organization? • Does the organization impose ethical, social and environmental standards on and seek to acquire environmentally friendly products and materials from its suppliers? • To what extent are the products and services delivered by the organization to its customers eco-friendly? • Does the organization make information about its environmental performance (e.g., carbon footprint) available to customers and other stakeholders? • What areas of business or consumer demand for socially beneficial or environmentally sustainable products and services may present current or

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