Logical Fallacies Essay

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Casie Hoffman 27 August, 2015 Dr. Robison ENC 1102 Section 77 Logical Fallacies: Chart Fallacy Definition Example Ad Hominem | Ad hominem (“against the person”) occurs when it is personal attack on a character of a person with an opposing view. Often in politics, Ad hominem attacks the person rather than the issue. | Since the teacher got a divorce, we should not listen to her lecturesJust because the teacher got a divorce, does not mean that teacher is a bad teacher. | Begging the Question | Begging the Question is using the questioned opinion and treated it as if it was already proven true. This is a fallacy because the opinion will only be accepted by those who have the same opinion, leaving the argument unsuccessful. | The teacher should be fired for her students’ behaviors.This sentence begs questions such as “what are her students’ behaviors?”, and “what did the teacher do about the students’ behaviors?” | Either-or Reasoning“Black or White/ False dilemma” | Either-or presents the issue in only two ways, good and bad, both good, or both bad, but there is more possibilities then the two options given. | Either we hire a new teacher, or the kids will never listen.There are more ways to get the kids to listen besides hiring a new teacher such as using disciplinary actions to make the kids listen. | Hasty Generalization | Hasty Generalization jumps to a broad conclusion based on inadequate information. | The kids that do not pay attention to the teacher will never attend college.Although it may help the child to listen to the teacher, it does not mean that the child will not attend college. | Post Hoc“After this” | Post Hoc incorrectly uses cause and effect or assumes one event causes another. A happened before B, then A caused B. | After the teacher got a divorce, the kids stopped listening.Just because the teacher got a divorce does

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