A Logical Argument on Outsourcing

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Robert T. Parry: A Logical Argument On Outsourcing The article “Globalization: Threat or Opportunity for the U.S. Economy”, written by Robert T. Parry, represents the economic theory that outsourcing benefits the U.S. economy. He writes with the intent to persuade white-collar workers in the service industries that everyone benefits when countries specialize in the type of production at which they are relatively most efficient. The author uses diction, tone, specific examples, analysis, and credibility, to appeal to peoples’ feelings, opinions, and concerns effectively arguing that outsourcing benefits the U.S. economy. Parry uses logic in an attempt to overcome peoples’ emotional reactions to the volatile topic of offshoring labor. He uses specific examples of commonly accepted practices and logically argues that offshoring is no different. In speaking of the typical family, he points out “that if it’s cheaper to buy something or have someone provide a service for them, that’s what a family does. This allows individual family members to concentrate on becoming good at their jobs in order to pay for what they buy” (180). He further argues that countries are no different from family units from an economical perspective. Just as specialization of labor is efficient for families, it is also efficient for countries. Parry also reasons that free trade of labor and services is beneficial to economies. He draws on the widely held capitalist belief that free trade results in lower costs to consumers, and appeals to the reader’s assumed positive feelings about free trade. He asserts that if free trade of goods is beneficial to the consumer, so will be the free trade of services through offshoring. In these examples, he draws comparisons between practices and beliefs that are natural and common to us and offshoring, thereby attempting to increase our comfort

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