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Logic And Perception Essay

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Logic and Perception
The way in which logic relates to critical thinking is that once you use the critical thinking process to identify the problem, you have to use logic to ensure you choose the right solution when it comes to reaching your final decision.   Critical thinking involves knowledge of the science of logic, or the nature of correct thinking, which includes correct reasoning.   A person who uses critical thinking must understand the source of knowledge, and the nature of truth.     Without using logic the answer that is chosen could be an ill logical choice.   Logic allows you to examine the situation and reach a clearer solution to a problem, question or situation.
According to the University of Phoenix Week One Outline (2009), the components of the critical thinking process are:
1) Perception
2) Assumption
3) Emotion
4) Language
5) Argument
6) Logic
7) Fallacies
8) Critical thinking techniques
Critical thinking involves logical reasoning; it requires you to distinguish bias from reason, fact from opinion and critical thinking allows you to become aware of diversity of values, behaviors and social structures.
In life we always have decisions to make, some are trivial while others are more significant decisions; our beliefs and how we are raised all help to determine how we will reach the conclusion to any decisions that has to be made.   Logic enables us to distinguish between correct reasoning and incorrect reasoning and correct reasoning helps to ensure that the wrong choice or decision is not made; we all have an internal sense of what is logical and what is not, this is called common sense.   Common sense, sometimes referred to as natural logic is learned from birth, through our personal experiences and through our acquisition of language; logic is something that is practical and meant to be used when coming to a decision or reasoning a problem out.
Perceptual blocks are obstacles that prevent you from clearly perceiving the problem or...

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