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Log Book Hersey Kiss Activity’s description: One volunteer is sitting in the middle of a large piece of multicolor fabric. A group of people will hold the edge of the fabric and walk around in unison to try to wrap the volunteer. While wrapping the volunteer, the people surround this person will say nice things to this person. When the volunteer is wrapped up, the group will pull causing the volunteer in the middle of the fabric to spin in a circle. A next person will take turn after this is done. Objective: A purpose of this activity is to foster fun and social skill for all participants. When a group of people drag the large cloth around in a circle, they are learning to communicate non-verbally about a task. People learn play along with everyone by following the person in front of them to drag the large cloth in a circle. This game is useful to teach children cooperation skill because children often play by themselves and often non-directed. So, by working together to wind the large cloth around, children learn the skill to cooperate with each other. Cooperation is a life-long skill that helps young children to high school student to work in group. It helps people to be good team players. In sports and in group projects, people who cooperate work toward the goal of the entire team and enhance the success of the group. While cooperating with others, participants are learning the skill of sharing by giving the volunteer in the middle of the cloth an opportunity to have fun. It is a non-selfish act to be on the sideline to create a fun moment for another person. Sharing teaches young children to temporarily give up something in order to make another person happy. It is a generous action that may require a little sacrifice by the person who has to let go of something to share it with someone else. In relation to a child’s development, sharing and being

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