Locus of Control and Stress Essay

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Health Promotion Model Paper NURS 2000 – Professional Nursing Directions: Criteria #1 – 5 points * The student will perform a literature search on one of the following topics related to health promotion. A minimum of three sources will be identified on reference page in APA. References must be scholarly in nature. (.org, .edu., .gov) if web sites. References should include at least one scholarly journal article. * Transtheoretical Model of Change * Motivational Interviewing * Cognitive – Behavioral Theory * Health Belief Model * 12 – Step Program * Locus of Control Criteria #2 – 5 points * The student will write a paper, a minimum of two pages in length, related to their chosen topic. * The student will describe the health belief model thoroughly and thoughtfully. Criteria #3 – 5 points * The student will choose one of the following health needs for which to apply the health belief model. * The student will provide statistical data why education related to this topic is necessary. * Describe how applying the model will reduce the incidence of disease. * The student will write three objectives which are learner-centered and measurable. * Provide the learner (client) with three methods to reduce the incidence of this health issue. * The student will identify 3 nursing strategies that would increase a client’s knowledge by giving, translating, or transmitting information. Potential health needs: High cholesterol Smoking Unprotected sexual practice Illicit drug use Medication non-compliance Obesity Refusal influenza vaccination in chronically ill individual Stress Care giver strain Mother puts infant to sleep on tummy Does not perform breast self exam Criteria # - 5 points Follow APA guidelines: formatting, fonts, title page, in-text citation, headings, reference page. Free of

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