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When I grow up I plan to give back to the community is several ways. The first is to demo the ahs locker room that has looked the same since the 80’s. Being a member of the football team and having to go to the locker room each day gave me great pride but it also made me feel as though nobody cared about us. The lockers were as old as coach and the floor was as old as dirt. Sometimes I felt as if the lockers had a mind of their own. They would open one day and the next they would not or they would eat my cleats or gloves. I want to raise money to give the locker room a face lift, better than Joan Rivers. I plan on contacting alumni from previous years and current to help donate money and time and make the locker room a place to be proud of and not smell like dirty, sweaty feet. The locker room will look very high tech as like something in the future with locker doors that open with a hand motion and not do not have a mind of their own and open when…show more content…
The walls will have art work that will speak to each person who comes into the facility. The walls will have words of inspiration and motivation for whatever sport a student is interested in. When I grow up I plan on giving back to AHS, but right now I plan on working with my dad and 3grandfather on finding ways to either repaint and repair the lockers so that when the freshmen team moves up they will have some pride in the locker room and not trash it as so many others before us 7have. The locker room needs to be open and the walls should not be falling down, so if we can put our minds together now and in the future, we can make this place a place where we want to go and not just have to go. This will be a lot of work and community service is very important to me because I believe we have a responsibility to provide support to their community however they can, big or small, it all

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