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Nagel Post reading response 1) Do a PMI on the reading Plus: - The author, Nagel, believes that death is an evil and that we it happens to all of us and we must accept it. Nagel feels that life is all about experiences and death is the only thing that takes those experiences away. I agree with him because life is all about experiences and people should make the best of what they have and life a happy and positive life. I like his description of death and I feel that the author has a good sense of what he is talking about. - I like how Nagel said that “life is worth living even when the bad elements of experience are plentiful, and the good ones too meager to outweigh the bad ones.” This sentence caught my eye because I do feel that life is always worth living over death. Some do not feel this way though, some take their own lives when the bad experiences in life keep occurring and the good ones don’t. I feel people should never take away their own life because life is an amazing thing and if you feel sad about something there is always someone to talk to and help you. I feel this way because last year my good friend took his own life and no one saw it coming and it was a terrible time for everyone who knew him. Minus: - I don’t like how the author feels that death is a bad thing because you can also look at death as a good thing. Death is am evil, I agree, but one could look at death as a new way of life with different experiences. When people die I feel that they go to a new world someone peaceful and elegant and they meet new people and do new things. I feel you can look at death as a good and a bad. - Nagel states that death is “ logically impossible…a mysterious and therefore terrifying prospective state.” I can see how some people view death as a scary part of life because nobody knows what happens when you die. That has been a question for years and

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