Loce Me and Sjska Essay

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Corteisha Dr. Craig English 130.29 10 September 2015 Guess Who Came to Throw down? Last summer before I started college, I had the most influential experience of my life. It changed me as person and how I viewed the world. It all started when I took a trip to New York. As I walking downtown, I met up with my old friend, Sanford Ungar. Ungar said, “Hello! How are you doing today? I replied, “ I'm great, but I wish it wasn't raining today.” Ungar said, “ Me too. I'm going to be debate tonight. Would you like to join me?” “It would be a honor to join you. What is the topic about?” , I said. “The topic is about college education. It starts at 8 pm. So please be on time” ,Ungar said. “Okay, I will definitely be on time and thanks for inviting me. Goodbye” , I said. “Goodbye.” ,Ungar replied. He walked off. I was so excited the I'm going to be in debate tonight. Later on the day, I went to debate. A huge crowd of people was there. They were waiting for the debate to start. I went to the stage and saw Ungar sitting next to some guy named Charles Murray. The intercom states, “ Ladies and gentlemen, the debate is about to start. Please be quiet.” The audience settle down. The announcer shouted, “ Hello everyone, This is 2015 Fight Night Debate! Brought to you by Alabama State University. It's always a great time to be a Hornet! Apply today. Let me introduce our fighters tonight. First, He's libertarian and uses facts over reason and logic. Let's hear it for Charles Murray!'' The audience applauded and Murray took a bow. “Next, he's former president for small liberal arts and like puppies . Let's hear it for Sanford Ungar!” ,exclaimed the announcer. The audience applauded again and Ungar took a bow also. “Our final fighter tonight has a lot of charisma and is a first year freshman in college. Let's hear it for Corteisha Jackson!” , yelled the announcer. None of the

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