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Location, Location, Location Casie Wilkerson, Jose Luis Villarreal, Karen Neubauer, Meliha Nedic ACC/543 July 28, 2014 Richard Collins Wisconsin Wisconsin’s Menominee River offers the rafting aficionado some of the largest size rapids in the Midwest. It is an exceptional location for the desired small river-rafting business. To achieve the most success for this investment, we recommend that the business be located in northern Wisconsin, such as Green Bay, Wausau, or Silver Cliff. Legal aspects of acquiring, holding and disposing of real property Real property is property including land, buildings, and anything else attached to the land. The form of ownership will determine the future rights of the parties involved, including real property taxes, income taxes, and transferability of title. It is recommended that vacant commercial land be purchased, and the business be run from the already owned mobile home. Forming a Limited Liability Company would consider the business to be a legal entity separate from its owners, which is beneficial to all small business owners regarding risk possibilities. Disposing of the property would require a realtor ("Wisconsin Department of Revenue", n.a.). Legal aspects of acquiring, holding and disposing of personal property Personal property is any movable property owned by a person or business that is not attached to the land. In this case, the mobile home is personal property. In the event that the business should need to be disposed of, a realtor could include the personal property in the sale ("Wisconsin Department of Revenue", n.a.). Business use of insurance for various risks The U.S. Small Business Administration states that business owners should purchase Professional Liability insurance, which safeguards the risk against malpractice, errors, and negligence. General Liability Insurance will protect the

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