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Locarno Treaty Essay

  • Submitted by: aashiyana
  • on November 21, 2012
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Britain’s opinion: Britain felt that the decision made during the Paris Peace Conference was too harsh
on Germany, and a hindrance to Germany’s overall economic recovery would also be a hindrance to the overall
economic recovery of Europe. They also needed reparations to repay their debts to the U.S, however they felt
that if these harsh conditions to Germany continued, they (Germany) would be more likely to become closer to Russia.

The Locarno Treaty
-Happened after the resolution of the Ruhr Crisis
-This treaty’s purpose was to solidify Germany’s borders with Belgium and France
-France and England both wholeheartedly supported this international treaty
-The Locarno Treaty stated that Germany accepted its borders with France and Belgium as permanent. These
borders were to be guaranteed by the UK and Italy.
-treaty stated that Germany was to join the League of Nations
-This treaty was seen as the high point of French and German relations before World War II
-This treaty was the compromise that would allow Germany to rebuild without being a significant threat to the French.
-The Locarno Treaty was viewed by some as an opportunity for the French and the British to fix their long lasting
diplomatic issues with Germany.
-Germany also agreed to seek eastern border changes with Poland and Czechoslovakia through discussion, agreement,
and arbitration, instead of violence.
-England refused ton guarantee Germany’s eastern borders. This caused Germany to later assume that they could act
aggressively in this region with little opposition.
- Overall Germany accepted its western losses but not its eastern ones. The Locarno Treaty inspired optimism throughout

The Years After The Locarno Treaty
-After The Locarno Treaty it seemed that peace with Germany might last because of the political progress made between
Germany and other European nations.
-After joining the League of Nations, Germany soon gained a permanent seat...

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