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Local News Reporter spoke to a class at Mississippi Valley State University A local news reporter from the Commonwealth Newspaper in Greenwood, MS told instructor Wanda Young’s class on Monday, March 07, 2011, he enjoy being a journalist, because he gets to be a voice for the voice for the people who really can’t speak out for themselves. Charlie Smith, who recently work for Commonwealth Newspaper, said, “It is fun getting news in the public, especially if it’s breaking news”. Smith also explained the importance of being a journalist and how it can help those who are in need of help. “The problem as a newspaper editor or journalist is getting in touch with people to get information you need for a story” he said to about 20 students and the instructor. In Smith life, he knew he wasn’t cut out to be a mechanic or anything else because he loves to write. Smith, who worked for the student paper while in school, wrote a lot about science in an internship he did at Oak Bridge National Laboratory. Smith said, “I really enjoy writing because it gives me a lot of freedom to write about anything I want to write about”. Smith also talked about how the Commonwealth Newspaper works. He also said local stories should go on the front of the newspaper. It is also important to get stories a day ahead of time. Smith also explained the program lay out they use for the newspaper. -More- Haley Local News Reporter Page 2 The program they use is called quark express. Smith, who is a native of Tennessee, says he enjoys his job because he likes to write and gather information. Smith said coming to Greenwood was a good choice for him. He also told about some really touching moments he had as a journalist. One moment was when he first got to Greenwood; he had to do a story that involved 3 children dying in a fire. Smith also said, “I have never had a frighten

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