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Violet Sikini 11/30/12 Reflection paper chapter 25 Local government has a great impact on daily lives of Americans despite that it does not receive the attention it deserves from the media the way national government does. Rarely does it gets scrutinized either on the media all the focus is on the national government. Yet laws and rules made at the local government affect each and every one of us. It is interesting how the powers are divided the state still sets limits on what the counties, school districts, and special districts operate. One issue that really got my attention was that public education is assigned to local school districts; the funding for these schools comes from the taxes assessed to the people of that district. This creates a major problem because in school districts where there is rich people the students are at an advantage because they get more amenities , good teachers willing to teach, and extra stuff that the students in poor school districts don’t because they cannot afford. Poor school districts can’t even afford to buy textbooks for the classroom. How is this fair because all kids need a good education but that depends now on the financial status of the parents and the neighborhood they live in? Most people move from Dallas to Plano because of the school district so their kids can have a better education. But not everybody can afford that; so they have no choice but to stay where they are. The advantages of having a city council is that there is diverse representation of different interests in the community and there is checks and balances among the council members and the mayor. The decision has to be made by several people not one person which can help it not be one sided or biased this also reduces the amount of bribery and corruption in the city. The disadvantage of this is sometimes it will take longer for a decision to be

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