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Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights Discriminatory practices and the effects There are key terms which you need to know the meanings of. Please look up the terms, write them in your own words and provide examples relating to health and social care Key terms | Definition - meaning in own words | Provide an example | Equality | Equality is making sure that individuals or groups of individuals are treated equally regardless of their race, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, gender, age and disability. | Treating an elderly resident equally as they would a younger person. Health and social workers would interact and spend time with an older service user as much as they would with a younger service user. | Diversity | Diversity means understanding and accepting that each individual is different and recognizing and valuing how individuals are unique from one another. This can include difference in race, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion, gender, age and disability. | Britain is a multi cultural society so different people from a variety of different backgrounds will access health and social care settings. Health and social care staff need to be able to understand, appreciate, and accept differences so that all service users receive the same standard of care, regardless of their differences. | Rights | The basic rights that all humans are considered to be entitled to. | In a health and social care setting, such as a residential home for elderly people, these service users should be treated equally and with the same rights as others, for example the right to freedom and the right to privacy (to a certain extent, depending on individual needs), etc. | Opportunity | The possibility of being able to do something. | Health and social workers giving the service users in their care the same opportunities to do try out new

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