Living with My in-Laws Essay

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Living with my In-laws Silvia Torres Everest online university “Honey, my mom offered us to go live with her so we can save some money. What do you think?” My husband asked. This took me by surprise. I had just met my in-laws and had found out I was pregnant also. I was starting to feel the pregnancy symptoms and I didn’t feel like working much anymore. The idea didn’t sound so bad. People end up living with their in-laws for a variety of reasons. “Either one of you is having financial difficulties and living together helps you save money or someone is sick and requires special care or your culture requires that you live together.” (Meglio) I answered to my husband “If that’s what you think is better for us lets go for it.” But I was intrigued how living with my in-laws would affect us as a couple. We had recently got together and I had just met them. Once we were installed in a not so spacious room my in-laws (mother in-law and brother’s in-law) came in to talk about money. All the bills would be divided into four parts including the food. The first few weeks everything was great nobody bugged no body. One day I ask my mother in law, “when are we going to the supermarket there’s nothing left to eat?” She replied “why don’t you go tomorrow and I’ll give you the money when I get here from work?” I agreed and so I went to the market. We were 5 in the household so I spend a little more than what I had thought. When I told my mother- in law that I spend Three hundred and fifty dollars in food she was mad. She told me that it was too much. She alleged, “I will only give you half of it, because you spend too much me and my boys can’t afford to waste so much money!” I was in awe. How could she be saying this? It wasn’t my fault she had waited so long to go to the supermarket. I was mad as hell. I explained to my husband what had happened, but I was furious and

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