Living and surviving in the wilderness.

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Living and surviving in the wilderness as been a challenge that some have taken. Either because they felt like their lives was in a need of a change of pace, or just for the challenge itself , the fact is that more and more people have been trying this, even if just for short periods. Although some people have made this their way of life with success. This is called the “primitive” way of living. Nowadays some communities have been found across the world, that have chosen to live without the comfort of electricity, mass media, and other comforts that we take for granted. In the United States of America, in northern Michigan one of these communities has been formed for over 20 years now and nowadays has over 70 inhabitants. They are entirely self sufficient, surviving from crops and cattle breed. In fact they are so self sufficient that most of the tools used in everyday tasks are hand made inside the community. In fact the only sign of modern life they have in the entire community is an old radio, a very old tractor and one working telephone that serves the entire community in case of an emergency. People living in this community say that this is the way humans are meant to live. As a matter of fact they go further, saying that many of the diseases that plague the modern society have never afflicted the community at all. But not all is a bed of roses, this life style implies a strict discipline, has they depend only on themselves to provide the essential to their survival, as it doesn’t matters if you feel sick or in need of vacations, the fact is that you need to do your tasks daily whether it rains or shines. All and all, this is this way of living is starting to shape up as a serious alternative, if you’re in need of a sabbatical retreat or if you are on the verge of a nervous break down. But staying there forever? Well… Are you radical
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