Living Spaces Essay

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Jason Vazquez 8/29/13 English Comp. I Mrs. Whiting Living in one place teaches many what an ideal way of life is, getting a nice car, a big house, having money, in other words what society paints life to be. Well that is if we were to live in one city, county, state, or country. But what if people were to live their lives in two different countries? In my case, as with many others, I lived in Mexico for five years; honestly, that was a life changing experience. Now I am from California, and growing up in cali, it was all about what hood you were from, what colors you wore, and so on. “Mijo, we have something to tell you.” My parents once told me eight years ago, something that in many ways helped me turn into the person I am today. Knowing the look mom and dad had on their face, I knew that one I was in trouble for something I didn’t do, or two they had something very important to tell me, “What happened?” I asked confused that they did not sound mad or upset. “We’re moving.” Is all my parents said. “Again? Where to this time?” I asked not wanting to know where until I saw the new house, and finding out what school I was going to attend. “Mexico!” My dad told me in a finalized tone. I was moving to Mexico, and I was already stereotyping them all, and saying there is nothing interesting about their way of life. That and also that it smelled funny. The reason my parents decided to move, was because they both wanted me and my siblings to learn about our culture. Learning about my heritage, meeting people that I felt understood me, knowing more about the trade were a few of the things I came to learn about. Although I know about the trade and many of the aspects that go on, I DO NOT in any way work, consume, nor deal with those people. Neither am I with the government with the war against drug cartels. The beauty of México’s culture are the people and
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