Living in Safe or Unsafe Neighborhood

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Word Count: 316 Unsafe Neighborhoods Living in a safe and secure neighborhood is every American’s dream. Unfortunately, many neighborhoods in America became unsafe due to the increase of gang activities, drug activities, and violent crimes. These three elements are the causes of unsafe neighborhoods. Ten years ago, several well-known gangs had started recruiting teen-age boys and girls in my neighborhood. All day long, you could see these recruits hanging around on the street corners and sitting on the steps of vacant properties. Although, the police came and ordered them to move on, they just found another vacant property to gather. After each of the gang groups reached their recruitment goals, the initiation began. Each recruit had to take a terrible beating in order to get into the gang and then, ordered to commit some type of crime. Soon after, the turf war began. Different gang members fought each other to claim territory. The sad thing about this is that some of these gangs’ members did not live in the neighborhood or the turf they were fighting to gain. During that same period, drug activities had also taken over my neighborhood. It was like an open drug market. Although, the police patrolled the neighborhood and even made some arrests, gang members continued to do drug transactions openly on the street corners. Five years ago a Neighborhood Association was established, and with the help from the Mayor’s Office and Baltimore City Police Department, we were able take back one block at a time. Currently, the neighborhood again is repeating the same unsafe conditions that plagued our community ten years ago. Just last week a thirteen-year-old boy sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. He was just sitting on his steps. Remember, safe neighborhoods can easy change to an unsafe neighborhood when gangs, drug dealing, and violent crimes plague

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