Living in Context Essay

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LIVING IN CONTEXT AND HOW TO USE BRANDED CONTENT TO CREATE ENGAGEMENT AREAS OF PARTICIPATION Photo credit “Oh look it’s a puppy... LIKE?” *AVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT IS THIS HOW WE WANT TO ENGAGE? Photo by mikebaird on FLICKR CONTENT OUT OF CONTEXT IS DEAD THIS MEANS Photo credit AN ORANGE CAT DOING PUPPY EYES IS NOT GREAT CONTENT *UNLESS YOU ARE A PET STORE En(F)=(Cn + Ctx) x T Engagement is a Function of Content, Context and Timeliness SOSTI ROPAITIS Social Media Platforms are arenas where brands are participants. Every screen, interface or object is an opportunity for interactions. We need to explore these opportunities and ENGAGE. Inspired by HELGE TENO Photo by mikebaird on FLICKR THE SECRET TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CONTEXT Context is the driver that will ignite feelings around your content and actions. Being contextual is the way to go if you want valuable engagement. CASE STUDY #1 THE TASK Leverage Social Media to increase awareness for FUTURO products and boost sales of online pharmacies THE SOLUTION OUR FIRST INSTINCT WAS TO POST CATS IN CRUTCHES ON FACEBOOK INSTEAD WE CREATED A BLOG WITH SPECIALISTS PROVIDING ANSWERS TO COMMON ISSUES THE ORIGINAL BRANDED CONTENT IS USED IN OTHER PLATFORMS AND WE ACHIEVED PARTICIPATION WE NEED TO BE THERE AND ADD VALUE TO THEIR EXPERIENCE We have to stop thinking that overpriced banner advertising will do the trick. We need to find ways to make content, technology and tools work together to deliver great branded experiences that will make people want to ENGAGE. THE SECRET TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TECHNOLOGY Nowadays technology is affordable and you can use it to deliver great content. You can produce original video content or manipulate photos
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