Living Funeral Essay

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I think the idea of a living funeral is genius. It is true that a dead person cannot hear all the lovely things people are saying about them at their funeral, so the only solution is to have one before you die. At my living funeral, I would want people to be happy and joyful, not sad. I would invite all my relatives and any friends that I would like to be there. Hopefully no one would think I was crazy for having something like a living funeral. I would have my pastor there as well, and everything would begin, and end, with prayer. I would have it at my church in the sanctuary so there could be music and such. There would be one song specifically that I would want to be played at my living funeral and that would be, “Into the West”, by Annie Lennox. Then, in between people speaking, some hymns could be played. My living funeral would take place on a beautiful sunny day, hopefully the Sunday after Easter because that is my favorite day. I would want everyone to dress sort of casually, but still nice because we would be in the church. I would hope people would actually say things that they meant. Maybe it would not be a very good idea if I were present while they were speaking, because then they might not want to say what they really feel. Who wants to die being lied to their whole life? Well, I would give credit to those that told me what they really thought of me. I think it might be hard to work out, but maybe a living funeral would be a success. The ideology behind the event makes it sound to be a good
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