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University of Phoenix Material Living Environments Worksheet Use this worksheet to identify and describe five different living environments for the aging population. The environments should progress from most to least independent. Which of these environments were you already familiar with? I was familiar with all of them. I have a cousin that was in Adult day care and a father in law that was in assisted living and later in a skilled nursing facility. I understand the different levels of care for each facility. Which environment do you feel is the most important or least important? Explain why. I personally feel that they are all important. It would seem to me that it would be easier for the individual to except the changes in the stages that they need them. I believe that the social activities provided to the elderly amongst people the same age helps with keeping the critical thinking and memory healthy. If an individual only needs help on a temporary basis it helps them become more independent. Most elderly right now are afraid of change and I believe that if the process is started slowly they will be less likely to rebel against the changes. References Assisted Living Federation of America. (2013). Long Term Care Options. Retrieved from ----------------------- Skilled Nursing Facility Residents are under constant supervision and are in need of 24/7 nursing care. Residents are unable to do activities of daily living without assistance. The facility also has security measure in place for the safety of the Resident, No independence Assisted Living Special Care Units Residents in the special care unit are those with Alzheimer’s or some type of Dimentia. The need assistance at different levels with eating,

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