Living Apart Together

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L.A.T - Living Apart Together 1. L.A.T or “living apart together”, is when couples are living apart (mostly said about married couples or people in committed relationships) Text 2, “home alone together”, is a text where you can get all the information you need about L.A.T. It takes a position that is rather neutral and sees both sides of it. For example it says: “…because blended families are so vulnerable to internecine resentments and power struggle”. It says furthermore that if you get married for the 2nd time, there is a bigger chance that it will fail and only one out of three stepfamilies survives. So, why take the chance if it works while you are living apart? On the other hand it also says: “…the rise I L.A.T relationships may be due to a growing unwillingness to compromise…” so here it is more negative than before. Then you read text 3, and here you sense the view just from reading the headline: “just what modern romance needs: Living apart together”. You can really sense the sarcasm and the negativity. And he goes on: “not even by necessity, but by choice”, and here he talks about the choice of not living together, even if you could. The author Garry Picariello is more negative than Jill Brooke(text 2) 2. Text 3 is a personal comment and you really sense it when you read the text. For example you read lines like these: “check out these statistics”, “No wonder the Pope is stressing” and “I guess it makes some sense when you think about it”. Overall, not very formal language as you would see in an article. Furthermore he has a lot of personal comments: “I’m feeling more and more like the minority here, but even during the roughest times I kind of enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing my spouse snoring next to me”. Again very informal language and something personal from his live. And in the end, he has even invented his own term: “LTF –
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