Living and Working in the Community

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Children Are Members of This Community Help them learn how to be one Parents of senior high school students, you should have noticed that your children are not young anymore. As 18 or 19 year-old young adults, they are faced with the need to learn how to integrate into this community. The “Living and Working in the Community” course addresses this need, and enrolling your children in this course will reap many benefits for them. The “Living and Working in the Community” course will provide your children with an ability to acquire English language skills in order to achieve a higher level of communication. The course instructs your children on how to express ideas and opinions logically and formally in different situations. Working Lives Sooner or later in their lives, children will face the challenge of applying for jobs. Parents should be appreciative of daunting this process can be, from writing a standout cover letter, to nailing interview strategies. With the ‘Working Lives’ chapter of this course, parents can be relieved of this worry, as it offers tips such as how to write and collate a resume, or draft a cover letter that will catch the attention of future employers. The chapter also deals with issues that may occur beyond gaining employment, such as work place discrimination, unfair treatment, or harassment at work. Occupational health and safety policies, and the importance of statutory declaration forms are also some of the many points that will be covered. Community Living Community is an important concept that encapsulates everyone. There is a need in today’s society to focus less on the ‘self’, and more about caring for others. As your children mature, it is important to impart to them the need to think responsibly about how their actions impact other people. Young adults are not yet fully mature, and this is reflected in their road
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