Living and Learning Essay

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When one is a baby one acquires simple, ordinary skills such as holding ones own head up and saying Mama and Dada. Soon one learns to crawl and walk and before one knows it is off to Peewee Football tryouts or soccer practice. In my case it was at the age of three when I went to my first dance class. I learned basic fundamentals such as the positions of the feet and arms. Just like when one is a baby everyone has to learn one thing before one can do the next such as learning the alphabet before one can read and write. I had to learn many positions before I could do certain steps such as passé before I could pirouette. Growing up it takes a while to get things write before one can do it naturally. Comparatively dancing is a lot like growing up. It takes many years to learn all the steps to be a dancer. Not only does one have to learn the steps, one has to learn discipline, grace, and many other important qualities. All the while, all the classes one has taken and all the time put into the hard work one is only “doing” the steps. I have been doing the steps for so long and only recently realized that “doing” the steps is not dancing. Going through the motions is not actually dancing. Dancing is not only something one does with their body but their heart and one realizes that every time one dances one has to not just go through the steps but actually have that performance quality and feeling. Dance can never be a dress rehearsal, it always has to be “the real thing” with dancing because one never knows when it is going to change their life. Maybe the day you were just taking it easy an artistic director of an amazing company walks in and sees you and his initial thought is that girl really needs to change her occupation. You want that director to think “wow, that girl is amazing” and maybe he will offer you a contract. Maybe it will not be something good. Maybe one
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