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Livin' In The Black Community Essay

  • Submitted by: cbnash06
  • on March 12, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Livin' In The Black Community" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We are a people of many shades, from many different walks of life, with varying beliefs, and contrasting views. Where, however, do we come together as one and unite as “the Black community”? While both unique and complex, the black community faces the same issues.
In the media, our homeland is portrayed as a place of extreme poverty and murder among other substandard conditions. However, all of Africa is not impoverished and mediocre. There are many different extremes in Africa from extreme desolation to extreme civilization. The black community has been fed so many negative images of the Motherland that it seems that’s all many of us know and   can spit back out when asked about our heritage. Another issue is HIV and AIDS. We hear about it all the time, but the contraction rate is still escalating. It is beneficial, however, that our people put so much in to raising awareness of ways to contract, ways to prevent, and ways to get help for HIV and AIDS. All around the U.S., in every region, state, city, and town, black people are gaining knowledge of this epidemic and are making an effort to decrease the number of people infected and affected by it.
Living in a world where the majority is of a much lighter complexion, we tend to have to prove our worth, intelligence, and capability in order to truly get ahead. Many people in higher positions in society have been said to “act white” or “talk white”. Why can’t we have high end jobs with our natural afros, dashiki cloths, and accents? Why must we conform to the ways of the white man to get ahead? Why are we looked down at as not being good enough? Black people are beautiful and vibrant, diverse and cultural, intelligent and creative.   We come together by sharing the same issues and fighting for the same thing…equality.

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