Lives of Eastern Wild Turkey Essay

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The Lives of the Eastern Wild Turkey Core 101 Dr. Blakey By: Matt Fielder 9/29/12 The Lives of the Eastern Wild Turkey By: Matt Fielder 9/29/12 The eastern wild turkey is one of five turkey species in North America. The eastern wild turkey is the biggest bird of all the turkey species. This research teaches people about the size, how they got their name, the habitat they live in, how they live in flocks, the offspring and how they live their lives, hunting regulations and why they are hunted, and how the eastern wild turkey went from being almost extinct to booming in population. The research done on this particular group of turkey was done in South Carolina and the ACE basin. The research was done by field experts and they studied the life styles of the eastern for a long period of time. You can find all of this information in books they have written and articles published online. For a person that loves the outdoors this is a great research project to do. This research will get people to examine the lives of the eastern wild turkey and might even help them locate the birds to examine them. This article will help hunters understand the ins and outs of the turkey and will help them become better hunters. The eastern wild turkeys are equipped with long, thick legs, large toes for walking and scratching, and a relatively short bill. Wild turkeys are unmistakable in their appearance. Males have dark iridescent plumage, bare heads and necks with blue and pink streaks, fan-shaped tails tipped with chestnut, and black-barred flight feathers. Male turkeys (gobblers) also have spurs and a "beard," a tuft of thick,

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