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How Society Changed Me ------------------------------------------------- (Photo Credit: Dawn Lowe; August 2011; Comerica Park; Detroit, MI) Alyssa Lowe WRA 140 Section 001 13 February 2012 Lived Literacies Paper Alyssa Lowe Professor Amada WRA 140 13 February 2012 How Society Changed Me Throughout our lives women have been taught to be feminine and men have been taught to be masculine, whether we were aware of it or not. Since birth women are taught to like playing with dolls and dress up, obsessing over the color pink and glitter, and wanting to play with hair and get our nails done. I’ve noticed that boys, on the other hand, are taught to play with dirt and bugs, play with guns, and like “manly” sports like football and hockey. Since when does society have the right to force the expectations into peoples’ heads? What would people be like today if these strict expectations didn’t exist? I grew up in a relatively small town, in a neighborhood consisting of mostly boys. So I naturally grew a liking for playing football, kickball, baseball, playing video games, and any other activity that little boys obsessed over when they were younger. No one ever saw me sitting in my driveway picking flowers or playing with dolls, I was always covered in dirt playing with the boys. I always wanted to go fishing, four-wheeling, go hunting, play basketball, or participate in any other “boyish” activity rather than paint my nails or play with makeup. Never would you see me, unless my mom dressed me, in a ruffled skirt and a tank top. My wardrobe consisted of less flattering clothes, like basketball shorts and t-shirts. I’d rather wear my hair up in a ponytail rather than down and curled, and I preferred not to wear any make-up. I was always known as a tomboy, I was the son my dad never had. But, looking at me today, a lot of people would never guess

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