Live Change Proposal Essay

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The Reason for Change: Federal law says dining hall must have gluten free area, student requests, healthier/happier students, reduce waste. Gluten free has become a recognized disability which means the Wadworth Dining Hall has to provide a station and Gluten food options to accommodate those with the gluten intolerance. To cater to this, the Dining hall now has a working Gluten Free station. This station is a great idea, but it comes with a series of issues. Through our data analysis we’ve noticed that Wadsworth employees have had zero training on how to keep the area clean and well stocked. There has also been little training on how to properly serve Gluten Free foods without the risk of contamination. These issues have also led to improper storage and a resistance with employees following the proper procedures. The storage areas aren’t labeled. The new station must be successful and remain implemented so that MTU does not receive any legal ramifications since the government has recognized the gluten issue. The Wadsworth Dining Hall at Michigan Tech, is the largest of the three university dining halls. It serves over 1200+ students and is known for being extremely spacious and having a great selection. The Dining Hall strives to provide safe and nutritious meal. The hall keeps the student in their best interest by recommending anyone with allergies to speak with them prior to eating in the hall. In light of the new Gluten free initiative, they offer a variety of gluten free options. As part of their mission states, the Wadsworth Dining Hall strives to provide as many options for students and guest as possible as possible. The main need for change can be found in the training procedures and contamination awareness. In order to resolve the issue, it would be easiest for Wads to have a bottom-up change approach and to work with employees

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