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Nikola Sweet Field Report: “Livable Brisbane” 1.0Introduction 1.1Location The locations of the three urban areas that were studied and visited on the excursion were North Lakes, Teneriffe Urban and Roma Street Parklands. Roma Street Parklands is a lovely and pleasant park with many facilities for families, elderly and suited for many other people. The Parklands has beautiful boardwalks, picnic areas and shady areas. The Parklands is a ‘shortcut’ through to the city and it is also surrounded by Parklands Boulevard. (See appendix 3A) North Lakes was the first stop on the excursion which is located very far away from the city. Even though North Lakes is very cramped it is a stunning and attractive place to live. (See appendix 1A) Teneriffe or New Farm Boardwalk is located right next to the Brisbane River. There are many old buildings and industries that are part of urban renewal. Teneriffe also has many apartments’ blocks which are small. (See appendix 2A and 4A) 1.2 Purpose The Purpose of this report is to investigate the livability of the Roma Street Parklands that was visited and then compare Roma Street Parklands to North Lakes and Teneriffe. Then give recommendations about how the government can improve the three locations. Also how the recommendations will affect the future. 2.0Data Collection 2.1Methods The data was collected throughout the excursion, by filling out a booklet and took place on 6th of November 2006. (See Appendix 4A) The three locations that were explored were North Lakes: the next location to be studied was Roma Street Parklands, then finally Teneriffe. Also using the internet sites, library sources and real-estate internet sites. The excursion was a good way to study the three locations; the internet sites were extremely helpful as well as the onsite help. The internet

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