Little Wolf Cheyenne Essay

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Little Wolf Cheyenne, born in 1820, was a Native American chief of northern Cheyenne that his people respect. His tribe respected him because he was kind, gentle and generous. His nice characteristics are however, formed since he was little. Once when he was quite a small boy, the tribe was living in a winter without enough food, his nice mother had saved a small piece of buffalo meat for him. When his mother brought that piece of meat to him, he hadn’t eaten anything all day and was very hungry, but before he can even pick up the meant, a staving dog snatched it away from him and quickly ran away from the two. His mother ran out angrily after the dog and brought him back for punishing it. She tied it on a post and was about to whip it when Little Wolf yelled out at the very moment, “Don’t hurt him, mother! He took the meat because he was hungrier than I am!” During summer, the tribe will always march to north, and one of these marches to the north was led by Little Wolf. During the march, there are fugitives pressed constantly northward undaunted, while orders were flying over the wires, and special trains were carrying men and horses to cut them off at all probable points on the different railway lines they must cross. Of the three hundred Indians, sixty or seventy were fighting men, and the rest were old men, women, and children. Once there were thousand troops were hurrying over the country to capture or kill these few poor people who had left the fever-stricken South, and in the face of every obstacle were steadily marching northward. The War Department set all its resources in operation against them, yet they kept marching without stopping. If troops attacked them, they might stop and fought until they had driven off the soldiers, and then started north again, but sometimes they did not even stop, but marched along, fighting as

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