Little Red Riding Hood Vs. Little Red Hood

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In these fairy tales, “Little Red Riding hood” and “Little Red Hood” has the same message/ theme that the author delivers to the readers. The author also illustrates the settings, characterization, tone/mood, and just other things. In these fairy tales the author use characterization to rely the message he is trying to get at. In “Little Red Riding Hood,” the little country girl is the main character which she is going on a journey through the woods to her very ill grandmother to take her a cake and a pot of butter. While going through the woods, she runs into a wolf. So she talks to him, not knowing that he was a bad person. She told him where she was headed to and he headed in the same way she is going. In, “Little Red Hood,” the little darling damsel girl was the main character, which she was going through the forest to her grandmother’s house to give her a cake and a bottle of wine for her illness. Going through the forest she ran into a wolf also. But she was not scared. She also told the wolf where her grandmother lives. Another piece of elements the author interrupted is word choice. Both of the titles have the words “Little Red.” By meaning little, refers to being young and not really knowing what is right or wrong for you to do. (Telling a stranger where you are headed and also telling someone where you family lives at.) Another part is recognizing danger when you approach it. In the Little Red Hood when the girl got to her grandmother’s house, the door was open. So that should’ve told her not to go in without someone because it could be danger in the house. Also in both stories when the noticed that the person in the bed didn’t sound nor look like their grandmother. To put more into the message the authors added

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