A Little Piece Of Ground

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Describe an important moment in the text and explain why it was important In the novel ‘A Little Piece of Ground’ by Elizabeth Liard, the main character Karim Aboudi is confined by the conflict between Israeli troops and Palestinian people. An important event that happened was when Karim had been shot by Israeli troops during his escape. This event provided a link between emotions and understanding, in war and reveals much of the characteristics of Karim and helped develop the theme of survival. The main character Karim Aboudi is a 12 year old boy who is confined by the conflict in his home Palestine. During his soccer game with his friends Karim was caught off guard by Israeli soldiers enforcing the curfew. Forced to hide in rubble by his sprained ankle from his attempt to escape, he is frightened and hides in the car his friends made with him. Two days later after suffering the horrible conditions thirst, hunger, and comfort he attempts to escape only to be shot and rescued by his brother Jamal. The thoughts only thought which ran through Karim’s mind was “Enduring, that’s what I’m doing, in the end endurance is what counts.” This suggests that Karim is finally beginning to understand life and its complexity; he realizes that if he is to survive the horrible power of Israeli arrogance he must endure through the torment they cause. This stresses the theme, the significance of survival and the main characters personality. In This particular moment in the story when Karim had been living in the car for two days before getting shot, allows a chance for the main character to develop his thoughts, the time alone he had endured allowed him to understand many issues which he won naive to think carefully about before. During the night Karim thought back to the wish list he had before, he thought ‘ All that stuff I used to dream about, saving Palestine, creating computer
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