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Little People in a Big World From a small seed a trunk may grow just like in the stories The Scarlet Ibis and Simon Birch, both main characters proved that regardless of their size they can be mighty(Quote by Aeschylus). The story of the Scarlet Ibis is about a boy named Doodle who is born with a big head and a small body. Him and his brother are always together going places, talking, and learning new things. His brother teaches him to walk and ultimately become free. Doodle has this connection with a bird that lands in the bleeding tree on their land. The Scarlet Ibis is that bird in the tree and has flown from South America and is very weak. Later the bird dies in the tree that happens to be red like blood. Later on in the story there is a storm and Doodle tries to run with his brother and get out of the storm and truly show that he is normal just like him but he falls. His brother doesn’t come back for him and Doodle didn’t just fall because he tripped he fell because his heart gave out and he died by a red bush like the Scarlet Ibis in the red tree. The story of Simon Birch is of a little boy who was born much smaller than everyone else. Because he was born like this his parents hated him. They resented ever having him and anything to do with him didn’t involve them. Simon almost always was at Joe’s because of this reason. Simon always said he would be a hero someday even though no one believed it. Simon knew he was going to be and proved everyone that he was when he saved around 20 kids from drowning when the bus he was on crashed into a lake. He directed everyone and even went underwater to save just one kid. Although he died after because he was too weak everyone realized that he wasn’t just the stupid little kid he was normal, and a hero. Characters Doodle and Simon are different in some ways; however their similarities are quite obvious because they

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