Little Miss Sunshine

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Describe a strong relationship between characters or individuals in the text. Explain how visual and/or verbal features helped you understand this relationship in the text. A strong relationship in the film Little Miss Sunshine directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris is the relationship between Frank and Richard. Both characters are considered “losers” and have experienced suffering. Visual and verbal features which included costume, character placement and use of voice helped the viewers understand their relationship. One visual feature was the choice of costume. Throughout the whole movie Frank and Dwayne are wearing white or similar coloured clothing. The purpose of this is to show the viewers that Frank and Dwayne are similar and connected. The white clothing shows that they are separated from the rest of the family who are all wearing bright colours and vibrant patterns such as Grandpas Hawaiian shirt. This is a deliberate choice of the directors. The contrast between the bright costumes of the rest of the family and the white colours of Frank and Dwayne represent that they are not as happy as the rest of the family and they have suffered. This idea is backed up by the attitudes of the characters. Frank is not happy with his life as he tried to commit suicide. Dwayne is determined to reach his unattainable goal of becoming a jet pilot and does not like the rest of his family. Another visual feature is the placement of characters in scenes. Frank and Dwayne are put together from the beginning of the film and are often in the same shot. Frank is put into Dwayne’s room when he arrives to the house from the hospital. They also are sat together at the dinner table. This placement of Dwayne and Frank together in many scenes separates them from the rest of the family and shows that they are different. An important scene that separates Frank and Dwayne from

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