Little Miss Sunshine

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Imagine walking into a hotel auditorium where a beauty pageant is taking place and immediately noticing bright lights, loud music, and a long runway. Behind the stage is a room filled with little girls who have makeup caked on heavily and hairdos that took an unnecessary amount of hairspray to perfect. Finally, a little girl named Olive is in plain sight with big framed glasses, no make up, and hair tied in a simple ponytail. Will Olive have any chance of winning a beauty pageant? Is she considered a winner? Olive’s family definitely views her as a winner regardless of the outcome at the”Miss Sunshine” competition. Is success defined by one winning a competition? Is success defined by the progress made by an individual through their hard work and dedication? The movie Little Miss Sunshine offers a satirical approach in defining success. Success is defined by having one winner and achieving progress through hard work. Richard, Olive's father, defines success as having only one clear winner by stating that there are only “two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers.” Richard, being a motivational speaker on success should know what it takes to become a successful individual; however, he does not exhibit the qualities that he preaches. In the beginning of the movie, he preaches a nine-step “Refuse to Lose” program that states there are only winners and losers in the world, but everyone can become a winner with the help of the program. It is ironic Richard is preaching how to become a winner and succeed in life, because he is bankrupt and struggling to find success in selling his book. His wife Sheryl is the sole provider for the family of five. This is a mockery of the American ideal that men should be the breadwinner of the family. Richard is not a winner, but a clear loser according to his concept of a winner. If he had the mindset of his father, he might

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