Little Drops of Water- a New Millennium Essay

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Sean Gray English 101 Compare / Contrast Essay- Module 8 6/10/10 Little Drops of Water: A New Millennium Since we started the new millennium on January 1st, 2001, the argument has remained the same among firefighters about the use of Fog Nozzles versus Solid Bore Nozzles. The debate can become heated, especially when discussing the tactics for the use of water fog in an interior fire attack. However, the difference is that low pressure-constant gallonage nozzles are common place now as opposed to ten years ago. This technology has revolutionized fire stream nozzles as we know them and gives firefighters the option of using a fog nozzle that replicates a smooth bore nozzle when adjusted to a straight stream pattern. In 1950, Chief Lloyd Layman introduced the use of water fog application as an indirect method of attack during a presentation called “Little Drops of Water” at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Memphis, TN. His presentation that day changed the fire service and created a debate that has existed ever since. Fog nozzles were nothing new to the fire service. At that time, they had been around for more than 150 years, dating back to 1863 when Dr. John Oysten obtained the first US patent on a fog nozzle. However, Chief Layman’s presentation was very impressionable on the American fire service. His theory was that when water was introduced into a heated atmosphere inside of a container it would expand into steam and therefore suppress the fire. Chief Layman’s theory came from shipboard firefighting where he was a Naval Officer. His theory made sense, and worked great in an enclosed container similar to that on a naval ship. It was not intended to work in a 10x10 sq. ft. bedroom inside a typical family residence that contains windows, vents and possible fire victims. It seemed that Chief Layman’s presentation was misinterpreted and

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