Litigation Paper

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Litigation and Alternatives Video HRM/531 November 12, 2012 Bradley Romig Litigation and Alternatives Video Quick Takes Video was researching to update the editing equipment, and Hal the owner called NonLinear Pro who he contacted through the Radio, Television, News, Directors Association. Hal reviewed the editing equipment and thought that it would be good for his company. Both Hal of Quick Takes Video and NonLinear Pro made a verbal agreement regarding Quick Takes Video trial of the equipment for four weeks. If Quick Takes Video does not think that the equipment is right for the company, he can return it before the trial is up. Hal the owner of Quick Takes Video received an invoice for $5,000 for editing equipment that was on a four-week trial basis. He called NonLinear Pro to discuss the invoice because it was on a trial, and Hal sent the equipment back because it did not work. The discussion between Hal and NonLinear Pro escalated. NonLinear Pro said they had a signed lease agreement. Hal disagreed and Nonlinear Pro said that Janet Mason signed it. NonLinear Pro threatened Quick Takes Video that they would hear from their attorney if Quick Takes Video did not pay the invoice. Hal called Janet into the office to ask if she signed a lease agreement with NonLinear Pro. She signed what she thought was a packing slip for the equipment and did not read the paperwork. Hal called his attorney Henry to discuss the issue. Henry’s recommendation is to write down everything that was wrong with the software and Janet will need to testify that she thought she was signing a packing slip not a lease agreement. Then Henry will send a letter to NonLinear Pro. NonLinear Pro filed suit against Quick Takes Video for defaulting on the lease. Hal called his attorney Henry about the suit. Henry and Hal met to discuss the suit. Although Henry
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