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DEFINE LITERATURE REVIEW. WRITE DOWN ALL THE POSSIBLE SOURCES OF CONDUCTING THE LITERATURE REVIEWS. LITERATIRE REVIEW: A literature review is a critical evaluation of of previous research. It is either a summary of synopsis of a specific area of research thus allowing the person who is reading the research paper to initiate why are you are conducting that particular research. A good literature reviews depends upon the reasons behind choosing that particular research question. The analytical features of literature review may give, A new interpretation of old material and to combine it with new interpretations. Depending on the context, evaluate the sources and advise the reader on the most relevant research. In the…show more content…
SOURCES OF CONDUCTING RESEARCH: In conducting a literature overview you may want to survey scholarly journal articles, books, and different assets (e.g. medical monograms, authority's files and courses, dissertations, and grey literature, and so on). which can be relevant to a particular issue, area of observe, studies, or idea. your venture in writing a literature evaluation could be to provide an outline, precis and critical evaluation of every paintings. this may come up with and your reader an outline of the big literature posted on a topic. Four steps in writing a literature evaluate determine the subject or area this is being examined and its components or issues. find substances relevant to the problem being explored. compare the data to decide which literature makes a good-sized contribution to the understanding of the topic. separate out those substances which incorporate the quality argument or the ones which might be the maximum convincing in their opinions and which make the greatest contribution to the understanding and development in their region of…show more content…
It is based on free and open-source software such as Apache Solr and VuFind. Users can search bibliographic metadata including abstracts. It contrasts with commercial search engines in multiple ways, including in the types and kinds of resources it searches and the information it offers about the results it finds. Citebase Search It is an experimental, semi-autonomous citation index for the free online research literature. It harvests open access e-prints. More than three-quarters of the papers indexed are author self-archived. It includes physics and maths. References Tim Brody: Evaluating Research Impact through Open Access to Scholarly Communication. Thesis, 2006. (HTML) Steve Hitchcock, Arouna Woukeu, Tim Brody, Les Carr, Wendy Hall and Stevan Harnad: Evaluating Citebase, an open access Web-based citation-ranked search and impact discovery service. Technical Report, July 2003 (HTML) Tim Brody: Citebase Search: Autonomous Citation Database for e-print Archives. Sept 2003 (Paper and

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