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Several literatures have revealed that the technology may provide significant impact on students’ learning abilities. In terms of learning facilities, Karemera (2003) as cited by Irfan Mushtaq & Shabana Nawaz Khan (2012), found that the learning facilities, for example, computer lab, given to the students can affect students’ achievement. If the students know their learning styles and use the technology provided by the institutions efficiently, both aspects can give a positive impact towards the students’ achievement. (Norhidayah Ali et al, 2009 as cited by Irfan Mushtaq & Shabana Nawaz Khan, 2012) The technology is believed to be very important in facilitating man in performing and completing tasks and activities. Its importance can be seen in various fields, like in the field of education. According to Accuosti (2014), the technology may also be used to aid teachers in the class and also as a source for individual learning tool. The technology should only help the students and teachers in their teaching and learning processes but shall never replace the teachers’ positions as instructors. (Noeth & Volkov, 2004). Fouts (2000) as cited by Noeth & Volkov (2004) and Protheroe (2005) mentioned that the students’ academic performance can be improved when the technology such as computer is combined with the traditional-based learning and they also can learn faster and better with the help of computers. However, to ensure the quality of educational technology, teachers should receive proper and enough training especially when the technology is used in the learning process. Therefore, technology alone cannot be simply approved to be one of the enhancers of the performance in education. Wagner et al (2005) as cited by Winthrop & Smith (2012) claimed that: No matter how sophisticated, elegant, or robust a specific technology is, it is only useful in

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