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Literature Review Liberty University Dana Cole Abstract This paper includes reviews of articles relating to teacher influence on their students. In general, the literature seems to indicate that students achieve based on the influence and their relationships with their teachers. One article discusses the benefits of males having male teachers and females having female teachers. Stability of students and classrooms, as well as changes and challenges are something that is prevalent to the achievement of the students within those classrooms (this comes down to the teachers). Keywords: teacher, student, relationship, influence, achievement The main purpose of my study in education is to determine how effective teacher-student relationships are in the long run and the influence of teachers on their students. For example, if a student is impacted by one teacher in middle school, does that continues on with them through the rest of their time in school and carry over into the rest of their life? Also, how would a student benefit from having the positive influence of one of their teachers? : 1) How often does the teacher make themselves accessible to teacher-student interaction? 2) Is the teacher willing to spend extra time working with the student so that they understand the material and such being covered in class? 3) Does the student have a specific reason that they have a love and respect for a certain teacher? 4) Does the teacher not just make themselves available to the student, but to the parent as well? Students are only going to be as successful as they push themselves to be. More often than not, they are encouraged by their teachers to be the best that they can be. The influence of the teachers on the students sometimes has more of an affect than the influence of the parents of the students. This is where the attitude

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