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Abstract This paper include literature relating to positive reinforcement being the best means for behavioral management in a classroom setting. In general, the literature seems to indicate that positive reinforcement has many effects on students and adults of all ages. A lot of the effects have been positive in nature. Counselors and psychiatrists use positive reinforcement strategies in their practices because of the great effect it has on their clients. Some studies have shown that positive reinforcement has helped lower depression problems among children and boost self-esteem and confidence. Teachers using positive reinforcement in their classrooms have had great results and a whole school district did a study on only using positive reinforcement for behavioral management and had a large amount of success during their trial. However, other studies show a confliction with the theory. Introduction My literature review began with the research question “Does positive reinforcement have more beneficial effects on ongoing student behavior than punishment in the elementary classroom setting?” A major role for teachers is maintaining a positive learning environment for all students within their classroom. Over the last decade or two there have been more diagnoses of mental disorders than ever before. Over the years a lot of research and examinations have went into the findings of mental disorders. We still struggle to understand what causes them or how to cope with them. Lower motivational drive is also a problem we face today as teachers. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work at schools with lower and higher income families. The lower income families have less motivation and confidence, but it’s prevalent in the higher income families too. Positive reinforcement has been used a lot more now, than it has in the past and some teachers argue it’s the best way

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